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Apr. 8th, 2019 02:01 pm
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Finished objects

I finished my second sock!

Incidentally, I always thought I would be a toe-up two-at-a-time person, but in practice it turns out the joy of finishing is such that I haven’t had much trouble with second sock syndrome since I switched to one-at-a-time. I guess next I’d better try a top-down to see if I like that! I also need to work on some afterthought heels for the self-striping I have in my stash.

I’d hoped to finish this for the lotsofsocks downs syndrome awareness kal, but alas it was not to be. Still, I love it, and I think I’ll be not matching my stripes on future socks either. It’s freeing and also out turns out I just like them this way.

My 2018 JBW Tosh Shawl is also finally finished!  I already did the half year post, but here’s a picture again:

So going back to my work in progress week post, here’s where I’m at:

  1. Little Box of Crochet Advent Calendar – untouched, but not hoping to complete until December-ish
  2. Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit a Long – done!
  3. Cascadial Wrap – I actually finished another colour before switching to the JBW shawl, so it’s progressing!
  4. Flickering Light Shawl – planned after the Cascadial wrap, but maybe only not around my toddler this time since he loved the drop stitches a bit too much
  5. Sock – done!
  6. JBW Tosh Shawl – done!
  7. JBW British Invasion Kit – in hibernation. aka, after looking at my queue I’ve decided I’m not excited enough about this one and I’ll save it to be a grab-and-run kit when needed

New Objects

So of course, now that I’ve finished some and have mentally put a few in hibernation, I started my two knit-a-longs!

Romi Mystery KAL 2019 (clue 1):

Oregon Sky Shawl for the Glow Up Knitted Wit CKAL

The Oregon Sky shawl helps me fill in the gaps when I run out of MKAL clue, and it gave me a nice project for Albuquerque Maker Faire on April 6-7 so I wouldn’t fall into the same pattern of starting something new and then abandoning it. I don’t know that I’ll have enough left by May 2nd when I head to PyCon, though!  But for now, I’m enjoying the Glow Up hashtags on Instagram for the knit along. People have such different rainbows!

The Queue Curation

I finished my cull, and the queue is hovering around 90 items. Not bad! Of course, now that it’s only 3 pages long, it’s much easier for me to see what was missing. For example: I have yarn for Shannon Squire’s That 70’s Shawl (I even have several options to choose from) and Composition Book Mitts but somehow never queued either pattern. And I bought a Space Cadet yarn kit for the Bubbles of Joy MKAL but somehow never queued that pattern either. Nor did I start it; I was a bit over-optimistic in my ability to finish the RCYC MKAL and missed the boat entirely on this MKAL. But it’s an absolutely beautiful pattern that I’ll definitely be knitting eventually, so I pushed it up near the top of the queue.

It’s been really fun matching stash yarns to projects. I also think I finally have a pattern for my one unassigned sweater quantity of yarn. We’ll see if it’s still my favourite when I get to casting on, but I bought the pattern so I’m pretty convinced. 

Other fun finds: I had queued a pile of sock patterns, which was kind of weird since I wasn’t really a sock knitter until I got hooked during the Socks on Vacay knit-a-long last year. But now that I actually enjoy knitting socks, there’s some great skill-improvement patterns in there, something I now want as I mentioned right back up at the beginning of this post. Thanks, past me!

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Today marks the beginning of Seimei 清明 “Clear and Bright,” the two-week “season” in the traditional Japanese calendar when the sun moves from 15° to 30° on the ecliptic. The name suggests a period of sunny, clear weather in which one might enjoy an abundance of blossoms—especially cherry blossoms— after early spring’s chill has lifted, as geese and swallows return from their wintering grounds.

Seimei 清明 is also the name of famous Heian-era esoteric cosmologist Abe no Seimei 安倍 晴明, a figure of both history and legend. I have to admit I probably wouldn’t know the name Abe no Seimei, though, if I hadn’t spent a year living ⅓ km north of where he lived in Kyoto when I was a Midorikai student. It’s on that site that a shrine dedicated to him was erected in 1007 CE. More than five centuries later, it seems that Sen no Rikyū 千利休 built a home for himself on the grounds of the shrine and especially favored the water from this well for making tea. A millennium into the shrine’s existence, the prominent pentagrams gracing its entrance caught my eye as I’d bike past on errands; while you can barely throw a proverbial stone in Kyoto without hitting a shrine or temple, I hadn’t seen anything like these pentagrams in them before. Found throughout Seimei-jinja 晴明神社, the pentagrams are Abe no Seimei’s emblem and represent the Five Elements in Taoism. When I took the time to explore the shrine, I was delighted if not surprised— physical and religious cosmologies having been segregated* only in recent times—to find the path to the grounds’ famous well marked with stepping stones in the shape of the Big Dipper 北斗七星.

Seimei-jinja 晴明神社 statue of Abe no Seimei 安倍 晴明 Seimei-jinja 晴明神社 lucky peach statue at Seimei-jinja 晴明神社 Seimei-i 晴明井

Seimei-i 晴明井 is a famous well located on the grounds of Seimei-jinja 晴明神社, and the water drawn from it is said to have divine health-giving properties. Tea master Sen no Rikyū was known to have made tea with the water from this well.

I like the Big Dipper 北斗七星 design in the stones along the path to the well.

* Though of course incompletely, the Space Window in the US’s Washington National Cathedral being a symbolic example of which I only recently learned.

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