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I have decided to test dreamwidth to see if it will work as a substitute for my livejournal account. The first step is to see if I can post anything, the next will be to see how easy it is to import settings and contacts from Livejournal, then I will start exploring it and see if there is any advantages to using DW in stead of LJ (except possible ideological reasons). No reasearch is done on step two and three so far, so unless you are really eager there is no need to lead the blind quite yet :-)

Date: 2009-12-28 05:39 pm (UTC)
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The thing I like most is the ability to add any RSS feed I want to my reading list. It means I can have friend blogs all in one place. I guess it's probably not what you're looking for in an RSS reader, but I find for just the personal blogs I want to follow, it's nice to just pop them all in like this!

Three other things I like:

Now that my blogging name is more strongly associated with my real name (as in my students, coworkers, etc. will more likely find this blog) I'm finding I want to post some random rambling not-so-well-written stuff privately, and dreamwidth makes it much easier for me to add people without full DW accounts to my list.

I can grant someone access and choose not to read them, which I haven't made a huge amount of use of, but I think not having that be a symmetric relationship is a pretty important step. Right now, it's mostly useful for people whose journals I already follow in LJ, but I suspect it'll be handy when I need to cut down on my reading lists because I'm busy too.

I guess this is more ideological, but I feel like dreamwidth has a team that's responsive, interested in listening, and interested in fixing bugs and adding features. It's a little less like you're part of the unwashed masses when you make a suggestion, and I know this probably won't be able to keep up as it gets more popular, but right now it's awfully nice to be treated like a potential friend with a bug report/feature request rather than a dubious stranger. Got to enjoy the benefits of a smaller system while I can!

Hope you enjoy dreamwidth too!



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