Jan. 2nd, 2012

Happy 2012

Jan. 2nd, 2012 09:11 pm
Last year we said we'd write a report from 2011 to send with the Christmas cards. Well, we didn't quite get there, so I thought I'd write a report on my blog. I didn't quite get there before Christmas. Then I thought I could write it before the new year. Uhm, well, not quite. Then 2012 came, and I thought I'd manage this year. At least a 2011 report - don't hold your breath for a 2012 report this year.

The year started with daycare for Ada from early January. She was about 10 months then, and both she and we liked daycare (or maybe she did't know better). She had a few sick days during the first month, but not as much as expected, and in general she continued to stay well. A 5 day fever&sickness resulted in 3 new teeth - or whatever comes first.

In March she turned one, which was celebrated with two parties, lots of cupcakes (with pink frosting! And tractor paper cups.), and a green crown at daycare. She took her first step the day after her birthday, but didn't want to walk anymore until May, 17 (our national day). We spent Easter in Arendal, as well as a couple of weeks during summer.
In addition to Arendal we also spent a week in Denmark. We rented a house there with an old friend of mine (who now lives in Oslo so we don't meet often), her fiancé and 4 year old daughter. In general it went very well, with no major fights and we can still talk to each other :) We'll certainly do this again - although not this summer...

The nice summer was brought to an end on the afternoon of July, 22. 5 months later the nation is not mourning anymore, but there is still quite a lot of debate. The gunman is declared unfit for prison, but will be judged in a normal, fair trial and probably sentenced to an infinite stay in a mental hospital. Unfortunately the debates on the internet haven't changed much after the attack - the right wing supporters are still as active as before, there are no (or very few) voices speaking up against them, and most of the right wingers seem to see themselves as part of the solution rather than the problem. They claim to be anti-violent, but I have seen many entries where they indicate that they understand why the bomber/gunman did what he did, although they claim to be against the massive violence. I must admit I am part of the problem myself - as being among those not raising my voice against them. It takes so much energy and time I don't have. (And it does make me wonder how many of those people who have a paid job.)


Ada is quite obsessed with her "PC" - my iPad (I won it in a quiz last winter - someone actually wins in these quizzes!). Just like her cousin she quickly managed it, I think she was around 18 months when she really started to use it. Before that she could watch it like she watches TV, but didn't really use it. Now (at 22 months) she still can't start the program she wants herself, but once it's started she can usually use it by herself. I am looking at ways to child proof the iPad and its applications - it's annoying when she quits (well, hides) a program because she pushes the Button on the iPad, or when she ends up on soft porn on youtube because she pushes the "most popular" button in the app. It's not about moral or censorship, neither is it about not watching what she is doing - it's just about having a happy toddler within an arm's reach (not necessarily on my lap).

Now at Christmas we have been rather busy. We originally planned to go to Arendal the weekend before Christmas, but due to forecast and road conditions we stayed home. It was like having a bonus weekend off - i.e. very nice :) For Christmas eve we invited my parents and my grandmother here for dinner. On Christmas Day we went to my parents for a family lunch, and on Dec, 26 my parents came for dinner. Ada had the week between Christmas and New Year off, so either I or Anders stayed home with her. I felt lousy one of "my" days, so it was quite tough, but besides that I think both she and we enjoyed it. She got some entertainment from her cousins, and on Friday we drove to my parents for a cousin party. Puh. On New Year's Eve we had a small dinner party at home, for once with so little leftovers that we had to be creative for dinner on New Year's Day!

Hopefully 2012 will be a nice year, with no surprising events. I can rarely say we hope for a calm year, as we will grow from a family of 3 to 4 in June, and I am very aware that it is rarely a calming event for any of the involved!

Merry Christmas from Geekhouse!

Merry Christmas from Geekhouse!



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