Jul. 26th, 2011

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Our prime minister, our king, our media. All are unison about continuing with an open society, an open democracy.

This weekend our royal family visited downtown Oslo, to see the damage, to join memorial services and to put down flowers. This pictures is taken by a friend of mine, and shows pretty well how open we still are.

(Photo: Ron Holan. All rights reserved.)

This is our Crown Prince's family: Prince Sverre, Princess Ingrid, Marius, Crown Prince Håkon, Crown princess Mette-Marit. Besides that you can see bystanders sharing the grief (and taking pictures), and you can probably measure the distance by counting cobble stones.

There are no fences. No police officers[1]. No chain of soldiers between the royals and the regular people. No dogs or horses holding the public back.

Yesterday we had a minute of national grief, with the King, Crown Prince and prime minister standing in a row in the University Square in Oslo. Afterwards the prime minister walked around in the crowd and received hugs and flowers from unknown people.

Yesterday evening 150,000-200,000 people participated in a peaceful "rose rally"[2] in Oslo (which has 500,000 people). In Trondheim 20000 gathered, in Bergen 30000, in Stavanger 75000. The total number of participants throughout the country are said to be at least 700,000. People gathered with roses and torches, calm and peaceful, with songs and music.

We want a Norway:

Where we live together in fellowship and with freedom of opinion and speech.
Where we see our differences as opportunities.
Where freedom is stronger than fear.

Tonight the streets are filled with love.

HRH Crown Prince Håkon, Oslo, 2011-07-25[3]

[1] if you study the other pictures by lilchief, you can clearly see police officers there. Ten of them, maybe.
[2] Incidentally Ron is in the left picture in the "spirit of togetherness"-part of the article. He is a freelance photographer and was on his way to family in Israel when the bomb in Oslo exploded.
[3] Translation by a friend of a friend on Facebook, I hope it's available to everyone.



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